The Legend of Robert Mordake

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Robert Mordake was born in 1979 with a deformed head. He had an extra face at the back of his head that couldn't eat or breathe, but it could laugh and cry. Growing up, he was avoided by mostly everyone he came in contact with, inlcuding his own family members. No doctor or surgeon would remove the face from the back of Robert's Head fearing it would kill him. After the death of his parents,Robert went away to work at The Panopticon at age 19. The workers there avoided him as well. After 2 years of working at The Panopticon, Robert was brutally murdered by three men, who all worked at The Panopticon. They all hid Robert's bloody body under a pile of logs. The next day, the three men agreed that they needed to hide the body better. They waited until night when everybody left and they checked under the logs where Robert's body was hidden. All shocked of them shocked

There was no sign of Robert's corpse.

No trace of him anywhere, not even a blood stain.

They all looked at eachother and ran away quickly. Their van was parked at the side of the rode and it wasn't far off. Sounds of a chainsaw could be heard. They all turned around, there was Robert.

After that night, the three men were never heard from again. More workers started to disappear from The Panopticon.
No traces ever being left behind. The Panopticon was closed down 2 years after the three men went missing.

They say Robert can still be found at The Panopticon to this day, his bloody covered. morbid. corpse carrying a chainsaw.



All details and instructions in the readme, thank you for the download :)

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The Legend of Robert Mordake
The Legend of Robert Mordake The Legend of Robert Mordake

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