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San Andreas Sky Dimension

Autor: KubaTaky
Webseite | Email
Datum: 22.10.2013 | 3341 Downloads
Dateigröße: 4.982 MB

8.93 based on 14 votes

> San Andreas Sky Dimension <

• Generated using In-Game Timecyc Editor by Fastman92

• Tired of your original Timecyc, dull colors, lighting obejktů?

• I created a solution .. San Andreas Sky Dimension

• The mode I worked five hours.

• Everything was modified.

Ambience • Static, Dynamic Ambience, Sky Top and bottom color color changed .. All editing, all 19 cycles except the last 3 cycles
which are not used and it is Underweather, Extracolors1 and second

• Otherwise, all 19 scenes were modified, some colors were left had been removed the ugly turquoise.

• Vivid colors, better lighting objects .. Aye brings Sasdy - San Andreas Sky Dimension.

• draw distance is changed to larger, in rain and fog, you will see the mist over the water ..

• Colors are not too fussy to make it look a little to the world ..

• This version works both in multiplayer using. Aaa file and in singleplayer for help. Data file.

It is prohibited to copy or publish this I ¨ mecyc for You!!
It is NOT upload to other sites without my permission!!

INSTALLATION - Crack gta_sa.exe or gta_sa copy where you have a folder with the game and let replace.
                   -, Timecyc.dat. Timecycp.dat Copy the folder with the game in the folder / data / and then replace it.
                   - Run the SP or MP ... Done.

| Mod by KubaTaky ™ v2013 |

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San Andreas Sky Dimension

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