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Busy Airport in Las Venturas

Autor: dimon_gta
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Datum: 20.07.2013 | 10901 Downloads
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Hello everyone.
Here's my new script for recovery.

At this time the busy airport in Las Venturas.

What is added?

- Near the airport is a taxi driver who waits for customers. Beside him is a bum who wants that he took him to the dump.
- At the stop is the guy waiting for the bus.
- Some other stop (in front of Man) stands next to the bus driver (probably resting after a hard day's work)
- One girl came out from the airport and talking on the phone.
- Two girls standing and talking to each other.
- Some guy parked his van and resting.
- It is a machine, and by her man waiting for his boss.
- The guy took his girlfriend to the airport and puts her bags in the trunk.
- In the parking lot is a parked van.
- The guy in the parking lot polamalas car and he lifted the hood and something looks.
Installation: the file RealAeroLV add to my Cleo.

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Busy Airport in Las Venturas
Busy Airport in Las Venturas Busy Airport in Las Venturas Busy Airport in Las Venturas

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