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Hyundai 2K (VTI-TEBBAP) - Rural Transit 2526

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Rural Transit of Mindanao Inc., is a subsidiary of the company giant Yanson Group of Companies. Established in 1985 after the owners Ricardo B. Yanson and his wife, Olivia Villaflores Yanson ventured business in Mindanao after forming Ceres Liner Inc., in 1968 and covered the transport services in Negros Provinces in 1980's.

Started out from sold bus companies like Fortune Express and Bachelor Express in 1980's, Mary May Express and Lillian Express in 2005 and Ikokano Tours in 2013. Becaming as a transport monopolizer in Mindanao region with now having around 2000+ fleets around the island.

This unit, Hyundai 2K is a prototype for Hyundai Aerotown buses which was first released in 2000 and assembled by Transport Engineering and Bus Body Assembly Plant (VTI-TEBBAP) from Yanson Group of Companies. These buses were rebodied from old engines of their old buses from Santarosa Motorworks and Pilipinas Hino and later formed with a new and refurbished unit. In 2011, Hyundai 2K were phased out and mostly were rebodied as Yansnon Viking and Crius units, newer buses also from VTI-TEBBAP.

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Hyundai 2K (VTI-TEBBAP) - Rural Transit 2526

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