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Porsche Carrera GT Ultra

Autor: Hyper1on
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Datum: 25.12.2013 | 19761 Downloads
Dateigröße: 0.58 MB

9.45 based on 67 votes

Porsche Carrera GT Ultra - GTA SA
Converted from NFS World by me;

Installation: Plain and simple, use your IMG editor and replace hotrina.dff and hotrina.txd;

Check out my blog to see ALL of my other mods, especially NFS World conversions!;

You are not allowed to reupload or edit it or convert without asking me through my e-mail or blog;

Rate what you want;

Please, don't come here raging about this car be a low-poly. Every NFSW car is low-poly!

Bugs: Look at the warning below. I didn't see anything that is not normal, if you find a bug, comment it and I will update this list;

How do you find it ingame? Use your imagination! It's a Hotring Racer A! (Maybe "vrockpokey" spawns it)

WARNING: Please, don't waste your time and mine commenting of a problem in the taillights here... I know they are always lit, but there's nothing I can do, this is the normal texture of NFS World, and I want to make it as clean as possible, I hope you guys understand.

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Porsche Carrera GT Ultra
Porsche Carrera GT Ultra Porsche Carrera GT Ultra

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