Lenco Bearcat (SA County Sheriff)

Autor: penguin2254, KevinDV, EVI
Datum: 21.07.2013
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Please respect the wishes of the creator should you modify, redistribute, or reuse any part of this work in your own creations.

You are looking at a Lenco Bearcat armored SWAT/Tactical Rescue vehicle for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, very generously granted to myself for conversion to GTA:SA by KevinDV. The first of its kind to actually be publicly released, this vehicle should hopefully bring some joy to those still floating around in the San Andreas universe.

This model consists of the following:

• Chassis mapped to be compatible with KevinDV's original Bearcat paintjob template for GTA:IV, allowing for universal skinning.

• Unlocked model (provided under a Creative Commons BY/NC/SA license) allowing the more skilled players to edit the model to their liking by adding/changing lighting or other parts.

• Working SA lights, properly mapped so the left headlight texture corresponds to the left headlight lamp dummy.

• Working SA plates, properly mapped to allow random license plates to be spawned on each Bearcat spawned in the world.

• One paintjob provided with "San Andreas County Sheriff's Department" markings applied to the vehicle reflecting the real-life counterpart, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

• Federal Signal Arjent lightbar (created by KevinDV) modified to match the lighting used on real-life LASD vehicles.

• Working traffic advisor on the lightbar.

• Somewhat convincing illusion of the steady-burning LED's required by California law on emergency vehicles was also added to the lightbar - more details below.

• "SAMP compatible" lighting on most lights - this means red is red and blue is blue when playing San Andreas Multiplayer, and you do not need a custom vehicle.txd to enjoy the vehicle modification. HOWEVER, this may also mean that those already using a custom vehicle.txd may experience undesired results depending on the vehicle.txd they are using. More details on how you can fix this below.

• Custom collision file.

Please see the entire readme file included with this modification.

Steady-burn LED sidenotes:
The illusion of the steady-burning LED's on the lightbar were created by tweaking a few materials in the model so that the game recognizes each steady-burn LED as two lights, and when using SAESAndy's Emergency Lights Mod 9.1, several default flash patterns and sometimes custom flash patterns can time each light to flash and overlap, creating this illusion. It is not perfect, but it adds to the level of detail. "Full Flash" is one of the default patterns that sometimes works.

SAMP-compatible lighting sidenotes:
If your custom vehicle.txd or vehicle.txd hack (for SAMP) conflicts with this, an original vehicle.txd is available for download on the internet (can't link it here, sorry). You also have the option of editing the model and remapping the lights yourself as the model is provided unlocked (under a Creative Commons BY/NC/SA license).

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Lenco Bearcat (SA County Sheriff)
Lenco Bearcat (SA County Sheriff) Lenco Bearcat (SA County Sheriff) Lenco Bearcat (SA County Sheriff)

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