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1992 McLaren F1 Clinic Model, custom v1.0.1

Autor: YourCreatedHell
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Datum: 13.06.2013 | 6551 Downloads
Dateigröße: 3.832 MB

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Concept car, the first prototype of the legendary McLaren F1. The model is a modification of the 1994 McLaren F1 car by YourCreatedHell. Body undergone modifications that would bring the car to kind of concept car.

Update version 1.0.1:
- Mip-mapping textures for all materials
- A new scale
- A new level of suspension
- Improved texture

Special Feature:
- Adaptation to Improved Vehicle Features
- Adapted to the modification of "Active dashboard v3"
- Replaces the SuperGT or to replace any other (support 4-door car)
- The opening of the second cap of the engine compartment (near the car to press Num 2/Num 8 to raise or lower)
- Excellent quality of the model
- A great combination model with a plug-enb series
- The paint work- The presence of the brake discs and calipers
- The presence of chrome and shine- Their damage (without GTA IV Scratches Style)
- His own shadow and collision
- Own car optics (IFV)

Note: The model is not buggy, and all textures in place.

If there is no texture on the model (white surfaces), download this file:

What about the other works for that, too.

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1992 McLaren F1 Clinic Model, custom v1.0.1

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