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Autor: Zolika1351
Datum: 21.10.2017
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If you use SNT, remove it (trainer.asi) or change the menu keys in the ini, numpad conflicts and makes both trainers slow if used together.
Added more Player Model and Car Spawning options
Request_Model replaced by SCO loading, you can now spawn most things in, no more "Model not Loaded"
Hell Timecyc 1 & 2
Time Menu

MP Bowling Menu, recommended to only have 1 player use this (have 1 player respawn lanes for others too)
Disabled switching off of Niko in MP (to prevent malicious behavior and clueless people crashing everyone, this doesn't function when you are the only one in the lobby)
Fixed Menu sometimes not appearing (the one that you had to spam Num8 to fix)
Fix Niko Clothes Menu (hey, why not)?
Pickable Objects Menu (I even included a bench)
Added Vlad to Player Models (Yokel, fatty Roman's cousin!)

Mobile Radio
Fixed Resurrect
Added .ini file (You can set defaults now!)
Added protections menu (You don't need my seperate Protecc.asi anymore)
Changed filename (Private version is a gamertag check now)

Toggle Collision Keybind (SNT has the Move Forward Through Door keybind on this key)
Unlimited Ammo keybind (same key as SNT)
Never Wanted keybind (same key as SNT)
Mission Menu (limited, only a few Roman missions, really early version)
Weather Menu
Force Weather (with .ini defaults as well)
Rapid Fire
Move Speed Multiplier (with .ini defaults as well)
Vehicle ID Change Detector (disabled by default, detects if you are the driver but don't have control and print the owner's name into Brief, same if someone throws a car, or if ownership changes)
GTA Online Menu (Has some options that GTA Online menus normally have like Copy Car or Copy Player, the Ped Freeze is disabled for the public version)
Launch New Game (you can choose MP IV, TLAD or TBOGT or current episode SP)
Story Cars Menu (Currently have Stevie's Comet, TV Van, Roman's Taxi, Albanian Willard and Jacob's Virgo)

AIRBREAK!!!! Finally working properly! Seems to have all the characteristics of the SNT airbreak, even the bug where cars go upwards a bit.
Move Forward Through Door key, replaced Collision Toggle key, and changed Collision Toggle to be the key left of Backspace,
GTA Online menu's 2 public (copy) options have displays now (Copy Car displays player's current car and Copy Player displays player's current model)
Copy Player no longer changes your model if you already have that model, and just changes your clothes instead,
Copy Player now copies hats and glasses too.

10 choosable playermodels, chosen in .ini
10 choosable cars, chosen in .ini
Story Cars menu enabled in SP
SP made overall a lot more stable, some player models don't crash anymore
Random Natural Color option added to Car Colors
Fuck Up Car Option (Misc - Fun)

Probably fixed some crashing issues with ini cars
My Free Cutscenes mod has been added into the menu as a toggle, seperately for camera and movement
Disabled keybinds while in text chat (No idea why but a sh*tton of people seem to have question mark as their resurrect key)
Airbreak Speed added into trainer settings with NO limits (even negative!)
Auto-resurrect option (Yeah it's possible)
Fixed up Resurrect, now works like Auto Resurrect and warps you back into your car.

Tried even more to fix crashing issues, probably (most likely) failed
Anti Attach! (not working sometimes)
Fixed Vehicle ID Change Detector FPS problems, changed it to enabled by default
Reduced filesize, changed the underlying code to be a bit more tidy, adding new menus and menu options will be much easier for me now
Made some menus have pages (10 options per page, page automatically changes while scrolling, player model has 3 pages now)
Populated Car Spawning (cop cars with cops in them for example)
Coordinates Display option
Ini Teleports (not 100% accurate, you cannot use floats, only integers for the X Y Z values, and no saving)

Added HelixScripts style ragdoll, hold down middle mouse and use WASD
SP in MP feature. That's right, the FULL SP campaign in MP. Complete with the SP phone, phone calls, safehouses, autosave that you can load in SP, and everything else! Even hailing cabs!

Fixed up SP in MP a bit, works in TLAD now, TBOGT seems to crash.
Added new pickable objects. Disable Pickups in Hand for the ones that have multiple objects.
Missions tested in TLAD:
Clean and Serene (fully working)
Angels in America (fully working)
It's War (fully working)
Action/Reaction (fully working)
Liberty City Choppers (fully working)
Bad Cop Drop (if you die the cops stop following you, otherwise working)
Buyer's Market (use the back door, everything else fully working)
Politics (fully working)
Off Route (seems to cause an infinite loading screen, may not do that all the time, but was too lazy to go through the entire story again just to check)

Added SCOs back again, this time not for model loading though
Walkstyles menu added
Sit Down / Stand Up option
Player Drive Task
MP-only options display in SP now, it was needed for Blackscreen protection toggling.
Changed Blackscreen protection a bit, now you can either try to defend or just quit to SP. Turn the protection off before joining a lobby.

Walking in MP! Probably not the best method, but it works. You can only walk while unarmed.

SNT-style advanced clothes menu! Replaces Individual Clothes menu, you can choose ANY combination freely now!

Ported the ENTIRE menu to .sco format, I'll still have asi versions though.
SCO has MUCH better performance (for me it increased my FPS 3x!) but no .ini things
ASI has bad performance, but has a .ini
Menu Style (Submenus to the right or replace existing)
Shoot at Selected Player (aimbot? not really, has spread and all other stuff, so its more like a disadvantage)

Added Transform Races-style vehicle "transforming" into Misc - Fun

FULL Car Spawning menu, ALL cars in the game are now listed! Including TLAD and TBOGT vehicles!
FULL Player Model menu, ALL peds in the game and now listed! Including TLAD and TBOGT peds!

Ped Spawning, with ALL peds in the game except SuperLOD and Player. Peds spawn into your car if you are in one, and drive it if the driver seat is free. Otherwise they walk off.
Player Walk Task, the ultimate way to be AFK.
Clear Tasks option
You won't notice this but I cleaned up the code a bit more.
Anti-Attach off by default.
Fixed Walk in MP disabling sprinting.
You can now go back from some model loading "loop" situations by simply pressing Backspace.
Niko will no longer crash in MP if you quit using the Pause Menu, and you can no longer pull up the phone as Niko in MP.

A trainer I made that has a lot of features, here's a rough list:
- Player Teleports (To Player, Into Car)
- World Teleports (All safehouses, waypoint, Airport)
- Car Spawning (Not all, just a select few, and random car spawning)
- Player Model (Not all, just a select few, and Niko in MP)
- Disabled in Public version
Vehicle Options
- Car God Mode (health loop, fix loop, autoflip)
- Car Colors (1 option only - random car color)
- Saved Car Options (Save current, Random car color, Force engine on, Autoflip, Warp into car, Fix Loop)
- Other (Force engine on, Go through some objects/Detach from Car)
- Helpful (Special God, Never Wanted)
- Fun (Random car color, Become fidget spinner, Hell Timecyc 1 & 2)
- Weapon Packs
- Individual Weapons
- Individual Clothes (Only for select characters)
- Preset Outfits (Only for select characters)
- Preset (Preset times and freeze/unfreeze)
- Manual (Nice little interface, allows you to set time to anything from 0:00 to 23:59)


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Zolika1351's Trainer 12.0 (
Zolika1351's Trainer 12.0 (

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