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Unique Engineering

Autor: Vertelvis
Datum: 04.05.2014 | 2229 Downloads
Dateigröße: 9.957 MB

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Please read the Readme.pdf document included in the archive before attempting to install! Installation is not hard but can easily go wrong if you don't follow the instructions.

Script scratchmade by Vertelvis
Building modifications based on the original GTA IV files by Rockstar Games

Unique Engineering is a combined GTA IV map and script mod, transforming the Westdyke Auto’s dealership in the Westdyke area of Liberty City into a more realistic fictional car dealership, which I named Unique Engineering. The map mods are there to edit the building appearance itself, while the script adds functionality to the building, which is outlined below.

- Save and load at the garage
- Saving at the garage is tracked, assuring you spawn at the right garage when restarting the game
- Up to 18 vehicles can be saved in and around the garage, including model, car colors 1-4, livery and extra’s
- Fully automated car saving and deleting process; It is not needed to manually copy settings in the configuration file
- Teleport from any point in the world to the garage
- Respawn a single or all vehicles at the garage
- Support to display custom car and color names in the menu system, configurable through the settings file. Instructions to do so included
- Customizable key bindings via the .ini-file
- All features are controlled via an ingame menu system
- Compatible with ikt’s Traffic Load Fix
- Detailed instructions on the script usage included
- Document with all numeric key bindings included

- .Net Scripthook Beta
- Any ASI-loader
- OpenIV is needed for the installation of the mod

Furthermore all prerequisites for the above are also needed in order to run this mod.

From 01/02/13 onward I will release my mods on the following sites:

I have reached an agreement with the site moderator of GTAinside to upload my mods there now too. All future mods will also be uploaded there.

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Unique Engineering
Unique Engineering Unique Engineering Unique Engineering

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