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Real American Life Traffic v3.0

Autor: mrchazta | Email
Datum: 12.08.2013 | 12870 Downloads
Dateigröße: 60.748 KB

8.75 based on 24 votes

Modder Indonesia ikut numbrung... Peace

This mod is an Asiloader-free (doesn't need any asi loader to run), so it will more light to run in your system
and more accurate on format-spawnng balance (right car & peds in a right area and a right time) lined up just like the originally
Rockstar team brought to us in the game.

It's extreemly boring when you driving around liberty city up and down, left to right,
pushing into every little corner with realistic car handling and models that you've been hardly-tuned in folder game
but then you realize that you feel like alone-driving. Yeah, every single road is just filled with no more than 3-5 cars..
What the...? It's like just that Liberty city is the most Peopleless city in this world, what a weird. wake up, this is America
you are driving in.
Did you miss to drive_a_cool_race_style_drive around a fully loaded city with great cars, performing a
superwoopermostamazingly handbraking between two cars at the street-cross and made so many people on the side
of the road watching your cool drive-style?
I miss it, really bad. so i came up with this mod.

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Real American Life Traffic v3.0

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