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Brain Control Ver 5.7

Autor: HDN
Datum: 27.05.2013 | 3222 Downloads
Dateigröße: 5.629 KB

8.22 based on 9 votes

This mod gives you the power to do anything crazy in the city !
The Abilities you will have :
Mind Catcher - touch to catch, aim to catch or think to catch , your choice !

Mind Investigate - make the victim tell their secrets

Mind Transform - you can be flirted when you transform into a beautiful girl .

Mind Moving - use your mind to "give" 'em a lift !

Mind Explode - it comes down to 2 choices : completely make the victim disappear , keep the body for more explosion

Mind Dirty - Nothing much , just make the victim feel the dirt ;)

Mind Release - release the victim , have mercy !

Mind Fashion - change the clothes when you're in another form (after Mind Transform) .

Mind Ego - return to your OWN form (after Mind Transform of course)

Mind HighJack - the vehicle will never escape from you anymore . Hijack a helicopter now !

Mind Hunting - your mind will freely fly through the city and kill the likes of the victim , in ver5.6, your mind will recognize you ,even in other form

Mind Dominate - head shot many enemies at the same time ! And use your mind to collect the money !

Mind Crazy - turn into money .

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Brain Control Ver 5.7
Brain Control Ver 5.7 Brain Control Ver 5.7

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