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DeadlyMoves v1.1

Autor: Ra's al Ghul
Datum: 27.02.2013 | 4003 Downloads
Dateigröße: 5.354 KB

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Place DeadlyMoves.cs in your scripts folder.


v1.1 changes

*Added low kick animation for spartan kick if ped is on the ground.

*Fixed script for gamepad users


I wrote this script in a way that lets you edit how you want the script to work and you do not need coding knowledge to do so. I explain

everything directly in the script and it is easy to follow.

I made 4 different attacks... the good ole Spartan Kick, TigerUppercut again, a cool headbutt smash, and an elbow smash. You can add a lot more

as I provide you with all attacking animations, yes ALL. So try to test them out and see what you like. I easily show you how to add more

attacks. You just need to copy and paste and i explain what and where and how.

You can set how each attack affects peds, objects or vehicles. You set the direction they will fly, and the power level. You can disable

attacking objects or vehicles if you want to limit an attack to peds only.

You can even change a few variables to make the animations look perfect, ask how in comments if u cant figure it out!

Also at the top of the script you set if you are using a gamepad or keyboard. The script is setup to read both depending on the gamepad setting

value at the top of the script.

Also if anything is confusing just ask in comments. This script lets you make any type of attack you want!

here is a list of gamepad buttons:

MoveRight, MoveLeft, MoveBackward, MoveForward, Aim, RadarZoom, NavBack, NavEnter, NavLeave, NavRight, NavLeft, NavUp, NavDown, Esc, SoundHorn,

Reload, SeekCover, Action, Phone, Crouch, LastWeapon, NextWeapon, LookBehind, Attack, EnterCar, Jump, Sprint

here is a list of all the keys:

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DeadlyMoves v1.1
DeadlyMoves v1.1

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