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SuperPowers v3

Autor: Ra's al Ghul
Datum: 27.02.2013 | 7838 Downloads
Dateigröße: 2.728 KB

9.10 based on 30 votes

Jump Stomp Bug Fix! Before if you jumped but didnt use the attack then the next time you would jump you would explode, that is now fixed. Same script as before besides that. Im trying to add more super powers so if u have ideas put them in the comments.

F12 Key Toggles Script On or Off

New Features!!

Sprint Key - Super Speed Run! Your wind blasts everything around you!

Enter Car Key midair after jump - Super Jump (Use God Mode)!!

Space Key - Player will jump higher than normal and if you press jump again midair, you will do a smash attack (probably want to use a god mode too).

Attack Key - Blasts everything in front of you. Can Aim up or down with camera.

Action Key - Control Peds. Focuses all peds to a point you control with the camera.

SeekCover Key - Control Vehicles. Focuses all vehicles to a point you control with the camera. Again u may want to use a god mode with this.

Sprint + Reload Keys - Control Objects. Focuses all objects to a point you control with the camera.

TigerUppercut - replaced by deadly moves script:

All keys can be changed in the script.The following text can be used to change keys (GameKey.Action for example, see script):

MoveRight, MoveLeft, MoveBackward, MoveForward, Aim, RadarZoom, NavBack, NavEnter, NavLeave, NavRight, NavLeft, NavUp, NavDown, Esc, SoundHorn, Reload, SeekCover, Action, Phone, Crouch, LastWeapon, NextWeapon, LookBehind, Attack, EnterCar, Jump, Sprint

Here is a list of all the keys:

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