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CryEnb 7

Autor: Fabriciuz
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Datum: 08.11.2012 | 11353 Downloads
Dateigröße: 94.556 MB

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CryEnb 7 by Fabriciuz

(Mid-End PC's). ENBSeries 0.082 edit, Version 7. CryEnb 7 is made and only tested on patch This mod has no bugs at all, it's tested in any way you can on 4 pc's with patch This ENB isn't very demanding, i run it with about 23-26 fps (See my notebook specs somewhere in the links below). Please leave a comment if you see a bug or have any suggestions.

CryEnb 7:
•Good fps
•No red sky bug (Thanks to CGE and me)
•No white sky bug (Thanks to p1ch3 and me)
•No black line horizon
•No floating squares in the sky
•No over darkness/brightness
•Simple lens flare
•Realistic Reflections, Clouds, DoF, Sun, Lens Flare, Bloom, Shadows, Colors, Lighting, Motion Blur, Water and Coronas
•Timecycle made from scratch (With both EditIV and without it)
•FXAA (Optional)
•HD Roads by Fonia5 edited by me

Changelog since V6/NexT:
•New lens flare (Thanks to icelaglace)
•Improved bloom
•Improved reflections
•Realistic colors
•Improved lighting
•Improved motion blur
•Night Improvements
•Clouds improvements
•Improved shadows
•HD Roads by Fonia5 edited by me

Works with:
•Patch (Not so good)
•May work on other patches (Not tested)

•No bugs at all

Includes besides enb:
•FXAA files
•HD Roads by Fonia5 edited by me
•Tree textures by Vanni83


Installation: Extract the files inside the CryEnb NexT folder to your GTA IV root folder - /Program Files (86)/Rockstar/GTA IV - and replace the files. Enjoy!


Link to my notebook specs:


Link to my website:


Thanks to: Boris Vorontsov for 'Enb Series 0.082', chinagreenelvis for 'Red Sky Fix', p1ch3 for 'White Sky Fix', icelaglace for the shaderinput, Fonia5 and me for the HD Roads, Vanni83 for Tree textures, icelaglace for the lens flare and raynier for telling me about the lens flare.


Ask for my permission if you want anything in my mod into your own mod!


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