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Big City Life v0.1

Autor: DonSalami | Email
Datum: 30.09.2012 | 7724 Downloads
Dateigröße: 3.36 MB

9.50 bei 24 Bewertungen

Multifunction are now modifications, which will add to your monotonous city life a modicum of diversity.
This modification adds new functions and features, many of which probably do not have enough to begin with. The unique system needs: hunger, sleep, entertainment and communication. All of them will influence the game character most unusual way. Every need has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the value. If you are very hungry, health indicator will decrease. If you have a nice dinner, you get a small bonus to health. So it is better not to seek adventure on an empty stomach!

All needs directly affect mood. If Niko will be angry as hell, it will offend people on the street. Conversely, in a good mood, he would smile and shine with joy. It all depends on you!

There are many ways to meet their needs: You can dine in the restaurant, read newspapers, play bowling. But since Nico very tough guy, he was not satisfied with the way the lungs. So you can drive on the track, cycling or just fly in a helicopter, which will significantly increase the need for entertainment. You can also enjoy a visit to the Empire State Building.

Your house now has a more important role in the game, as this is where you relax from the city or simply relax. The better equip your home / room, the more actions are available to you.
For example in a penthouse in Algonquin / Manhattan you can read a couple of books to splash in the bath, watch TV and so on. Just remember to recharge refrigerator fresh food!

In general, opportunities galore.

Please note that this modification is in a very early stage of development and needs to be improved. Do not be alarmed size modification, it includes a large number of image elements.
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Big City Life v0.1

Big City Life v0.1 Big City Life v0.1

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