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Criminal Russia RAGE v1.2

Autor: MIXAZZZ | Email
Datum: 15.03.2013 | 6030 Downloads
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This mod is a part of the GTA Criminal Russia Rage project. Liberty City is a huge one but ain't you tired of it ? We would like to offer
you a piece of russian reality with a high poly models, uniq russian architecture styles and incredible city planning mixed in the one
small town. Dark streets and old uninhabited buildings are looking hot while being contrasted to the parks and residental areas. We hope
that you will have a lot of joy while exploring this beautiful place !

Changes in version 1.2:
Added metro system
Added three new urban areas (city completed)
Added some optimization
Added auto Parking city
The way of pedestrians and auto complete

Mixazzz - modeling, configuring, building a map, project leader.
Ank - modeling, texture, design
Mahmutil - concept planning, modeling
HAO - modeling
Rush - modeling
M@RS - modeling
Dr@co - modeling
Tykran - modeling
Devix - modeling
Vadigkk - modeling
Legion Chaos - modeling
Schwarz - modeling
Danila - modeling, design
Redfill - art design, texture
Dalwoo - art design, texture
Bob88 - modeling
Legiz - road traffic
Gene Klimov - radar, project design
Cashmashinego - logo

Special thanks to:
Alexander, Good-NTS, Chipsman, 3Doomer, Deniska

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Criminal Russia RAGE v1.2
Criminal Russia RAGE v1.2 Criminal Russia RAGE v1.2 Criminal Russia RAGE v1.2

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