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Porsche Cayman R 2012 + RIV

Autor: FM4 converted by Kubo
Datum: 07.01.2013 | 33856 Downloads
Dateigröße: 12.112 MB

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Porsche Cayman R del 2012 for GTA 4. It supports RIV's mod.
Instructions in the archive.

I files all'interno dell'archivio vi permetteranno di inserire all'interno di GTA IV il veicolo Porsche Cayman R del 2012.
Il veicolo supporta la Real Inside View Mod.
Istruzioni nell'archivio.

Official description by Kubo

// Authors

- Original's model author: Turn 10 (Forza Motorsport 4)
- Conversion & Editing's author: Kubo
- Data line's author: Kubo
- Template author's: Dante Universal
- Readmes's author: Fabio206

// Featuring

- Very high detailed model
- Realistic glass transparency
- Lod1 & Lod2 models
- Gauges emissive
- Color 1 [body]
- Color 2 [rims]
- Color 3 [reflection]
- Color 4 [interior]
- 4 liveries
- Template
- Very realistic handling
- 2 Porsche liveries included in wtd file [white & black]
- Very realistic mirrors reflection
- Front parking lights can break
- Lateral indicator can break
- The driver's hands are on the steering wheel
- Interior leather and plastic material
- All windows can break
- and much more..

// Work

- I have spent 3 months for this cars
- The front trunk is modeled by me
- The rear trunk is modeled in part by me

// RIV Version

- In the read me there are 2 RIV lines, one for Mph and one for Km/h
- Mph & Km/h match perfectly with real speed
- Working rpm needle, speed needle and steering wheel
- Only in RIV version lateral indicators working

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Porsche Cayman R 2012 + RIV

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