GTA IV Cars: Ford

1931 Ford Hot Rod

Autor: Spex84
Datum: 02.12.2011 | 10994 Downloads
Dateigröße: 4.083 MB

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This mod is an accurate 1931 Ford 5-window coupe hot rod for GTA IV.
100% of the model and textures have been created from scratch by Spex84 (Chris Drysdale).

-replaces the Banshee or Rancher. Banshee version is lower, with blackwall tires and painted steel wheels with chromed lug nuts. Rancher version has a more aggressive rake, white headers with turnout tips, and chromed steel wheels.
-fully operational trunk, doors, headlights, and brake lights.
-working suspension
-4 liveries (both versions have 1 unique livery, otherwise they share the same liveries)
-uses Hellfury motorcycle engine sound (has a nice idle).
-feel free to try and replace other cars with this hot rod, but be warned that doing so may crash your game. Whatever car you replace needs to have provision for 5 extras.
Known issues:
-some flickering of the backsides of the front wheels.
-driver's hands do not sit on steering wheel. I prefer this to having a tiny steering wheel like those in the stock GTA IV cars.
-'60s version exhibits dual rear skid marks because the car uses 2 wheel meshes (in order to have slicks on the back).
-extras do not fall off. This is intentional.
-shadow problem on the floor of the car. Not sure how to fix, but if I do I will make an updated version available.
-black texture seams visible on tires when viewed from a distance.

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1931 Ford Hot Rod

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