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GTA: San Andreas Crazy Trainer +151 v2.0

Author: CrazyVirus
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Date: 19.02.2006 | 677722 Downloads
Filesize: 0.341 MB

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New in 2.0 version:

+Added option "Toggle All Profs".
+Added option "Toggle One Hit Kill".
+Added option "Toggle All Profs to Aimed Human".
+Added option "Kill Human in Aim".
+Added option "Give 1000 Health and Armor Aimed Human".
+Added option "Get 10000 Dance Points".
+Added option "Get 10000 Points on Lowrider Challenge.
+Added option "Toggle Kill Human at Aiming".
+Added option "Game Speed".
+Added option "Change Style of Punch".
+Added option "Open All Tasks in a Boat School with 100%".
+Added option "70 Unique Jumps".
+Added option "Toggle Freeze Mission Stopwatch".
+Added option "Maximal Girl Fun".
+Added option "Maximal Girl Excitement".
+Added option "Toggle Zero Noise Level at a Robbery"
the owner of the house all the same wakes up from noise. If it you will notice that cops will arrive!
+Added option "Toggle Freeze Timer in Mission of the Cop and the Pimp" (when not in the car).
+Added Jet Pack with an opportunity to fly in transport.
+Added option "Toggle Infinite Stingers in Mission "Puncture Wounds"".
+Added option "12 Level in Paramedic Mission".
+Added option "12 Level in Vigilante Mission".
+Added option "49 Passengers in Mission of Taxi Driver".
+Added option "10 Pimping Level".
+Added option "Toggle Zero Height in Mission "N.O.E"".
+Added option "Null Status of Employment in an Sports Hall".
*Now at switch on of an option "Toggle Infinite Current Car Health" wheels do not hole.
*Now it is possible to write how many money to add.
*Now it is possible to write how many percent to increase/decrease gravitation.
-Now Katie is not mix up with Barbara.
Some changes.


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GTA: San Andreas Crazy Trainer +151 v2.0

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