Realistic ENB-series ROB.V V2 GTA San Andreas Mod
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Titel: Realistic ENB-series ROB.V V2
Kategorie: /Mods/ENB Series

Autor: Robby viguurs
Website | Email

Datum: 21.09.2013 | 4240 Downloads
Dateigröße: 8.752 MB

8.00 bei 13 Bewertungen

Hello and this is my second mod i have added DOF and some extra's. It's my mening that this enb is so realistic as passible.

i hope you like it and thanks for downloading
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Realistic ENB-series ROB.V V2

Realistic ENB-series ROB.V V2 Realistic ENB-series ROB.V V2
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Robby viguurs
Kommentare: 20
28.09.2013, 11:50

hello everywone im uploading a new enb-serie V3
this time i added higher quality shadows and ReflectiveBump i hope you gonna like my new mod V3.
Robby viguurs
Kommentare: 20
27.09.2013, 17:21

Thanks you
and 20 FPS? that not so good to play i have 50 sometimes 40
Kommentare: 34
27.09.2013, 08:50

well, i played my SA with this ENB (without the DOF). i could run my SA about 20 FPS
and, yeah, my PC is bad.

the "reflections" from the roads and the walls is not an actual reflection
those are called "BUMPMAPPING"
you can get those effects by using the v0.0075c3 d3d9.dll (232kb) or higher versions.
you can download this here:
Robby viguurs
Kommentare: 20
25.09.2013, 16:35

ok, thanks but how do i enable the reflections on the road?
and DOF whas enable but i think it's isnend good to see on the screenshots sorry.
and i am testing a lot for reflections but it's difficult.

can you tell me the name of the reflecions for road and walls you know.

and how whas you gameplay white this enb?
Kommentare: 34
25.09.2013, 12:41

well, the second release, huh? :D
i saw you have some changes in some effects in your ENB, that's nice

but well, i think you still have some weakness in your ENB
1. the reflection. it's too shiny (for me) try to decrease the numbers of the reflection section.
2. the DOF effects. inside this file, you enabled the DOF, but, in your screenshots, the DOF doesn't appear. but, it's ok, maybe you enabled it after you made those screenshots.

next time, i hope you'll try to make the better ENB.
keep it up :)