M1134 Stryker Anti Tank Guided Missile Vehicle GTA 4 Mod
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Titel: M1134 Stryker Anti Tank Guided Missile Vehicle
Kategorie: /Cars/Militärfahrzeuge

Autor: SkylineGTRFreak

Datum: 02.11.2012 | 6152 Downloads
Dateigröße: 6.885 MB

3.08 bei 127 Bewertungen

The Stryker ATGM (Anti Tank Guided Missile)is a light armored vehicle based M1126 Stryker ICV troop carrier. It was designed to provide anti tank support for the Stryker Brigade Combat Team.
This model is a modification of the previously released MGS Stryker. You may think only the cannon/turret has changed, but that's not true. Except for the wheels, everything has been modfied. The chassis is new and slightly bigger and the interior has been altered aswell. The back door can be opened and you can have a look at the Stryker's interior, like it was the case with the MGS. 4 people are able to sit in this vehicle, driver and passenger in the front are sitting in the front of the model, they do not open any doors when entering (as the Stryker does not have any front doors) However, the peds in the rear are able to open the back door and will sit down in the actual interior to give it an authentic look.
Weapon settings have been altered aswell. It now shoots missiles. It has a clip of 2 missiles before it has to reload, just like in real life. So you can fire 2 missiles fast one after another and then wait a short time period. Hope you like it.

List of what the mod features:
Detailed model
Detailed interior
All wheels working
Working suspension
Enterable for 4 persons
Back door openable
Custom weapon settings
Bullet impact
Custom spec map
Working lights
2 different skins included
Custom LOD models
Custom Collision model

I know, begging is not cool, but if you like my mods, please visit my blog, my youtube channel or give me a sub on youtube. It would mean a lot to me and give me some feedback.

Basic exterior model converted from DCS: A-10C, the interior may not be so accurate, so forgive me about that :)
Converted by me, weapon settings by me and handling settings by Sgt. Kanyo. Replaces: APC (TBoGT only)
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M1134 Stryker Anti Tank Guided Missile Vehicle

M1134 Stryker Anti Tank Guided Missile Vehicle
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Adri CJ
Kommentare: 43
Private Nachricht
02.11.2012, 22:29

Very nice mod! I love that APC

Maybe with an upper cam view and with a LCPD skin would be great! 8/10