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Titel: Montgomery Village Revival
Kategorie: /Mods/CLEO-Mods

Autor: dimon_gta
Website | Email

Datum: 03.05.2014 | 2505 Downloads
Dateigröße: 1.754 MB

8.75 bei 4 Bewertungen

Hello Today I present my new Cleo script " revival of the village of Montgomery ."

What added to the mod?

- Near the hospital doctor worth
- Near the hospital added an ambulance
- Near pizzeria worth talking to a taxi driver and a pizzeria employee .
- Near pizzeria parked vehicle ( apparently brought goods) .
- Near the pizzeria and there trashcan near her bum worth .
- The guy with the girl came to rest in the village.
- In the village of Montgomery has abandoned well . There was some kind of crime. Policeman stands .
- At the stop bus stands . Beside him some tourist with things.
- At the gas station worth about Walton and her tanker .
- Near refills costing Jeep and master it mends .
- Near the houses are two other and talk .
- On the precipice is a car , and in it the corpse narika .

Installation: file folder village_montgomery.cs add to Cleo .

Desirable to add to the original game , otherwise there may be bugs.

Modes can be distributed (or take advantage of global modes) without asking my permission .
Only on condition that the author and me as my data (email, website , etc) .
Hier hast du die Möglichkeit, diesen Mod zu deinen persönlichen Favoriten hinzuzufügen.
Bist du der Autor dieser Modifications? Falls jemand deine Mod geklaut hat, kannst du diesen Mod melden und einen Antrag auf Löschung stellen.
Montgomery Village Revival

Montgomery Village Revival Montgomery Village Revival Montgomery Village Revival
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