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Titel: Gang Protection v.2
Kategorie: /Mods/CLEO-Mods

Autor: TheAnonMod ANG

Datum: 29.04.2012 | 3028 Downloads
Dateigröße: 1.951 MB

5.48 bei 423 Bewertungen

<<< Gang Protection v.2 Extreme (Projectile) >>>

Author, Cleo Code & Script by theanonmod ANG a.k.a Angki Ang

E-Mail Me : angkiang@LIVE.COM

Features : They can't dead!
Unlimited ammo
Can't burning
Can swim on water
I don't know why, but they destroy the helicopter (see Screenshot)
and more... :)

<<< How To Install >>>

<<< English >>>
---you need Cleo 4 to use this mod
---just put gangprotectv2_bytheanonmod ANG a.k.a Angki Ang.cs to CLEO folder

<<< Bahasa Indonesia >>>
---kamu butuh Cleo 4 untuk menggunakan mod ini
---letakan gangprotectv2_bytheanonmod ANG a.k.a Angki Ang.cs di folder CLEO

<<< Controls >>>

---press 0 key (Not o or O) to spawn them or hold 0 key (not o or O) to disapear them
---they can be spawn on interiors, they come in car with you and kill your enemies like
gang, police, mafia

<<< Thanks & Credits >>>

---first for Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW
---for mom and dad
---my friends, and familys
---theanonmod ANG(ME)
---my beloved country and all of INDONESIAN MODELER
---much credits and thanks to Seemann for Sannybuilder
---TheSilentSaw for inspiration
---DragonGhost88 for inspiration
---Delfi - Jernej L. for Garage Mod Manager and TXDworkshop
---DexX for Gfx tuts and tools
---pdescobar for Audio toolkit
---Kam for max script
---Hammer83 for GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor
---Jacob for San Andreas Place Manager
---Scream2k4 for Ped Editor


You're free to distribute this mod by internet or by any media, provided it is in your original package AND KEEP THE CREDIT OF THE AUTHOR.

Sorry if my English is very bad :) because I'm Indonesian

©Copyright 2012 by Angki Ang
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Gang Protection v.2
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Kommentare: 8
01.05.2012, 20:44

1. Actor Aggressiv is a check.
This opcode does not make an actor aggresiv its for checking if an actor is aggressiv.
2. Why is a Pilot in the helicopter?
Usally there is no pilot