Nissan R390 Road Car v1.0 GTA San Andreas Mod
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Titel: Nissan R390 Road Car v1.0
Kategorie: /Cars/Nissan

Autor: superdropdead09

Datum: 16.06.2013 | 5573 Downloads
Dateigröße: 4.218 MB

8.19 bei 16 Bewertungen

Nissan R390 Road Car v1.0 for SA

-Orignal model from "Forza Motorsport 3.
-Convert , edited and Optimize by "Superdropdead".

-Detailed model
-Detailed shadow
-Damage parts
-Custom Shadow model
-Custom Collision model
-Adopted ImVehFT
-Working Vehiclelights
-Good model for Low END PC

"Known bug"
-Cannot enter to this car.
-No Indicator vehiclelight.
>open readme.txt<

Do not Edit car or upload Any website without my Permission.
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Nissan R390 Road Car v1.0

Nissan R390 Road Car v1.0 Nissan R390 Road Car v1.0
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Kommentare: 58
Private Nachricht
01.10.2013, 08:34

cannot enter to this car ?
you mean we (who ever use it) can't enter the car ? and just looking it ?!
IForgotPassword pl
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Kommentare: 792
Private Nachricht
20.06.2013, 19:06

Hey, YourCreatedHell, stop b****ing to him...
19.06.2013, 12:23

Superdropdead09, what is the crap? You can't made engine model from scratch? You can't remodel cockpit for LOD1?

Why can I make a good model of the models of the same Forza 3-4?

If you can not find a free model Forza 4? Needed links?
18.06.2013, 15:01

@YourCreatedHell - I know the model is bad . why? because low quality... where i get? in Riva Models. I want High quality models but how? i dont have more money to get models from XBOX and rip to PC LoL... i see all 3D models high but 9.5GB download normaly not torrent seriously? lol . And i already make normaly but this is the way to convert models in low quality except Grid and NFS Shift 2 Models.
IForgotPassword pl
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Kommentare: 792
Private Nachricht
18.06.2013, 14:06

@YourCreatedHell - Yeah, you got experience, by why the f**k you say those things?
17.06.2013, 17:08

Superdropdead09, learn normally make models.

I do not want to do the same model then, because no one normally can not make this model.

I do not understand why everyone hates me. I have a lot of experience in modeling. I know what I write.

Fix it the model. I want to see this model in good quality.
Kommentare: 102
Private Nachricht
17.06.2013, 15:29

^Sorry, nice mod BTW
17.06.2013, 11:42

I Dont know This *YourCreatedHell* is fake or what? because 1st the car is *Toyota GT-One* he rage me. 2nd this car now.This is my project of my mods or go to my blog to see the list of mods ... Many lemans cars and road cars cannot seen this site so i make like this car. I will tell to you -*Respect the modders*. If you raging or saying bad comments or making spam to my mod, i will report you. It's Simple. ;-) @IForgotPassword and ilham996, just calm to this raging guy.
Kommentare: 102
Private Nachricht
17.06.2013, 08:17

@IForgotPassword lol, arrogant as fuck!
16.06.2013, 20:59

And f*ck you too. This better not to publish. Wretched model where the author did not even set up the normals.

There are no good models was originally. F*ck you will be a good model, if he did not make them.