Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 GT3 v1.0.1 GTA San Andreas Mod
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Titel: Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 GT3 v1.0.1
Kategorie: /Cars/Chevrolet

Autor: YourCreatedHell
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Datum: 24.11.2012 | 15539 Downloads
Dateigröße: 4.476 MB

9.29 bei 52 Bewertungen

Previously, specifically designed to complement the project Wild Upgraded Your Cars v2, as a bonus, as part of which were class cars GT3. After I released the release supplement All Legends Of Silver Arrow # 1, I decided to republish modification FIA GT Legends pack # 1, with specially modified for Improved Vehicle Features. Meet, third car project FIA GT Legends pack # 1 - it's Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 GT3

He is one of nine vehicles from the FIA GT3 European Championship. LS7 engine is configured to Z06R slightly, producing 530 horsepower and torque jumps dramatically to 650 f / f at 5200 rev / min. During the season 2010 GT3 Corvette Z06R GT3 led the podium six times, with victories at Silverstone, Brno (twice), Paul Ricard (twice) and the Algarve.

Special Feature:
- 100% of fixed geometry car
- 6 extras
- Highly detailed body
- Fine-grained material "carbon fiber fiber" (carbon)
- Fine-grained material is a "grid"
- Highly detailed cockpit materials
- Highly detailed exhaust pipes
- Highly detailed textures materials
- Highly detailed headlights
- Replaces the Hotrina (strongly recommended) or to replace any other, but only a 2-door vehicle.
- High-quality cockpit
- Modification of a1 and a2
- A great combination with the plugin model enb series
- Painting jobs
- The presence of the brake discs and calipers
- The presence of chrome and shine
- Nonvanishing glass at night (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Damage (only with GTA IV Scratches Style)
- Post optimization of materials and geometry of the model
- Working dimensions (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Working signals reverse (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Workers stop signal (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Working brake pads (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Working turn signals (Improved Vehicle Features)
- A working display at night (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Working steering (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Working on a windshield wiper (active dashboard v3)
- His own shadow and collision
- Own car optics (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Compatibility with the Wild Upgraded Your Cars Series (strictly recommended to use only the package of spare parts!)
- Brake discs and rubber profile Wild Upgraded Your Cars v2

NOTE: maybe next lags
If you not install Wild Upgraded Your Cars v2 - no textures on underside metal and no damage textures! (need special vehicle.txd from addon's Wild Upgraded Your Cars v2)
If you not install Improved Vehicle Features - no working lights, steering wheel and callipers!
If you not install Active dashboard v3 - no working another parts in this car!
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Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 GT3 v1.0.1
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Kommentare: 83
Private Nachricht
25.11.2012, 16:22

Here's my video with impproved vehicle
Kommentare: 38
Private Nachricht
24.11.2012, 23:43

it would be super cool and i would appreciate if you make this mod for gta 4 too
Kommentare: 38
Private Nachricht
24.11.2012, 23:42

anyway great mod can you make it for gta 4 too
"GTAinside Staff"
GTAinside Staff
Kommentare: 885
Private Nachricht
24.11.2012, 23:06

Sorry! It was my mistake. Just hit the wrong button.

Great Mod. Thank you for uploading. :-)
Kommentare: 38
Private Nachricht
24.11.2012, 23:01

this it is a cool car but it is not for gta 4 it is for gta san andreas it txd and dff are formats for gta san andreas wft and wtd are forv gta 4should bre more carefull it would be cool if you could make an corvette z06 gt3 for gta 4
Kommentare: 38
Private Nachricht
24.11.2012, 22:49

is this for gta 4 or gta san andreas
24.11.2012, 21:05

plz, replace that in GTA San Andreas category
24.11.2012, 20:59

Damn! That only for GTA San Andreas!