Girlfriend Take Tour In Street GTA San Andreas Mod
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Titel: Girlfriend Take Tour In Street
Kategorie: /Mods/Modifikationen

Autor: Rizqan7
Website | Email

Datum: 25.05.2013 | 4623 Downloads
Dateigröße: 0.126 MB

9.49 bei 39 Bewertungen

Hi There! This Is My 2nd Mods,

Girlfriend Take Tour In Street.

Want To Meet Your Girlfriend Without Visit Her House? Now You Can! Just Search She In The Street And You Will Meet Her!

Heres Where They Will Spawn:

Michele And Katie Will Take Tour In San Fierro.

Helena And Barbara Will Take Tour At All Countryside, But, Sometime They Driving Tractor :P.

Millie Will Take Tour At Las Venturas.

Denise Will Take Tour At Los Santos.

- Peds Population Increased!.
- Professor Peds Now Will Take Tour At All State San Andreas!.
- Elvis? I Think You Can Search It Where They Will Take Tour Beside At Las Venturas.
- Some Secret Ped That You Will Have To Find Out As Mystery!.
- Sometime Your Girlfriend Driving Vehicles Include Cars, Bikes, Truck/Vans, Even Boats (Except Airplane And Helicopters) Around San Andreas!.
Known Bugs:
- Some Time Your Girlfriend Spawn Doubled And It Impossible To Fix It :S.
- You Can't Do Anything To Your Girlfriend, Except You Recruit Them Using Cheat! If You Don't Know The Cheats And Usage To Recruit, First Type In Game ''SJMAHPE'' (Recruit Ped 9MM) Or ''ROCKETMAYHEM'' Then Aim Gun To The Girlfriend, And Press G. If You Want Coffee Anywere With Your Girlfriend, You Need ''Street Love Mod'' You Can Find It In:, And If Want Can Kiss Your Girlfriend, You Need ''Kiss All Girls'' By Zazmahall, You Can Find It On His Website: Thanks For Download And Have Fun!
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Girlfriend Take Tour In Street

Girlfriend Take Tour In Street Girlfriend Take Tour In Street Girlfriend Take Tour In Street
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