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Car Caller Mod (Summon) Version 3

Autor: Sameshine2k18
Datum: 11.05.2019
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May 2021 update

As part of a new fleet of icons the mod's icon may change it's position based on if the Gta 5 style DK22Pac hud is present or if the user chooses to use the custom location regardless.. changed the script for the operation of the icon a bit also

Now no one can get the drop on you. If you been caught slipping and someone take away your vehicle, you can summon it back to you while they're still inside of the vehicle ;) That is if they are getting away...but haven't gone too far... or maybe you just want to call your vehicle from where you left it, i don't know your plans..

If you've just gone for a little walk or whatever, this script can always come in handy


The file in the models/txd folder is used with whichever script versions you choose to use.
Place it in your models/txd San andreas folder



The main version uses S+X to summon vehicle

D to let the vehicle stop after being summoned

A teleports you inside the vehicle after it is summoned

L+B to locate your vehicle on the map if it is still available
(toggle for on and off)


Did not bother to provide an alternative version for people who use a,s,d keys to navigate sorry. Can't bother lol
(for people who use a,s,d keys to navigate)

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Car Caller Mod (Summon) Version 3
Car Caller Mod (Summon) Version 3 Car Caller Mod (Summon) Version 3 Car Caller Mod (Summon) Version 3 Car Caller Mod (Summon) Version 3 Car Caller Mod (Summon) Version 3

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