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Drive By Mod For San Andreas 3.1

Autor: SameShine2k18
Datum: 09.12.2018
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Mod updated August 19 2k20
Version 3.1

Not necessary to really update but updating anyhow for if in case player weapon is hidden

The one thing i wanted but didn't have that i should have had in San Andreas was a drive by mod....Tried quite a few that i saw but sadly they all either did not work or they worked a bit but crashed the game afterward so i decided to make my own... I share it with you in case you need it. Go on test it out for yourself and see how it is..k

Written for usa 1.0 version

Press left D+B to launch

num 1 to do classic drive by style

num 2 to stay parked and shoot while the doors are locked, and switch seat if passenger seat at the front is empty

num 3 to do drive by and let the cpu/game control the driving..
If the red target marker on the map is not set you will be informed to set it first before proceeding, if you don't want to you can cancel. Doors are locked until you take back control of the wheel

Everything you need to know is in the menu and other text informing you if there's anything you need to know...

Also, i did not set it to give any guns; that's rather unnecessary, get your own guns dammit ;)

Set to use only Micro Uzi, MP5 or a Tec

When already in a drive by mode you can press D to get back to the wheel

If you notice a 1 or 2 second wait upon initial launch, that is only when it's loading the cars animation if not already loaded in the game...An animation in that section is used in the script.

.cs file goes in /cleo folder
.fxt goes in cleo/cleo_text folder

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Drive By Mod For San Andreas 3.1
Drive By Mod For San Andreas 3.1 Drive By Mod For San Andreas 3.1 Drive By Mod For San Andreas 3.1 Drive By Mod For San Andreas 3.1 Drive By Mod For San Andreas 3.1 Drive By Mod For San Andreas 3.1

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