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Simplified Ped Spawner

Autor: SameShine2k18
Datum: 06.11.2018
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Simplified Ped spawner by Shaneshine2k18
Mod has been updated December 9, 2018
Now V 1.1

Quicker launch respond time
Keys changed to Ctrl+Z to launch

Press Ctrl+Z to launch
Enter/Exit vehicle to go back from a sub menu
Alt to exit.. if you're on the main screen

Spawn a normal ped or Special actors...

Comes with a NEW SLOTS section in case you've added brand new peds to the game at the # ADD NEW PEDS HERE area in the ped.ide file
and also a few ped ids that are deemed as missing; at lease in the gta game i have. These include IDs such as "42" "65" and so on.

All actors spawned from the NEW SLOT section are referenced as females exept number id: 269

Spawned actor can remain stay put, let actor walk away like any other normal ped Or Recruited
(give actor a gun and let he or she follow you with supporting fire capability- MP5 gun given)

Girlfriend titles that are spawned are given 5000 health that way they aren't vulnerable when damaged =)
But if u can.. your free to tweak it for your own usage if you feel that's too much.

Text Box info is only shown on the main screen once, per launch.

Tested on US version 1.0

Status; stable As far as i know :)

.cs file goes in cleo folder
.fxt file in cleo/cleo_text

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Simplified Ped Spawner
Simplified Ped Spawner Simplified Ped Spawner Simplified Ped Spawner Simplified Ped Spawner Simplified Ped Spawner Simplified Ped Spawner

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