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Walk On Water 1.1

Autor: SameShine2k18
Datum: 25.10.2018
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Version 1.1
Walk on Water, walk in water, whatever you wanna call it..

--> Changed thread name + now comes with two different versions, one with icon and one without; when active.

As the title suggests, this one lets you walk on water... While there might have been other walk in / on water
mods, if you have used them before i do believe you'll feel we needed something more feasible, at least for the ones i had used
and know of...

You can see that his feet is clearly touching the water...he stays afloat even when the waves come crashing in..
I think you'll agree that it is cool, but don't take my word for it, test it out for yourself, it's free..
But don't go getting yourself all sea sick now okay? ;) Feel the adrenaline rush..

If you try to enable it, the script does not initialize any further unless your feet is at least currently touching the sea...

Directive as been set so that if you are in the water swimming, and you enable the script.. it takes you out of the water and places you
on the surface that way you can begin walking to wherever your going


[ to enable

] to disable


Disable when not needed.

If you want to make a Youtube video with a preview of it be sure to give a link back okay?


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Walk On Water 1.1
Walk On Water 1.1 Walk On Water 1.1 Walk On Water 1.1 Walk On Water 1.1

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