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M4k3's New Car Animations 1.7

Autor: M4k3
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Datum: 20.09.2017
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Dateigröße: 3.674 MB

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M4k3's New Car Animations mod 1.5.
This mod was created to change the animations to fit my car conversions (vanilla animations were made for oversized vehicles).
Then I decided to fix some animations bugs the game has since the release.
16.07.2020 version - 1.6


  • Compatible with ANY ped.ifp mod (it's possible to replace only the vehicle driving animations instead of replacing the whole ped.ifp).
    More information can be found in the ReadMe file!
  • New car seating animations (no more sticking legs out of the vehicle's bonnet etc).
  • New reversing animations for cars and trucks (CJ will look at the left mirror instead of looking back in trucks).
  • Fixed radio switching animation (it caused CJ's legs to be visible under the vehicle if you were driving a sports car like Infernus).
  • Fixed the glitched face for Wayfarer passenger.
  • Fixed bugs with characters' breasts (Quad passenger, car sitting animations, Wayfarer passenger).
  • 27.09.2017 update: New animations for Supercars.
  • 23.12.2019 update: Improved car animations, NPC smoking and "car on window" animations are adapted too.
  • 16.07.2020 update: Fixed some troubling mission animations (Drive By mission, girlfriend-related)
  • 07.05.2021 update: Fixed rolldoor animation for IS_LOW cars (Infernus, super cars etc).

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M4k3's New Car Animations 1.7
M4k3's New Car Animations 1.7 M4k3's New Car Animations 1.7 M4k3's New Car Animations 1.7 M4k3's New Car Animations 1.7

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