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Ferrari LaFerrari 2013 [HQ]

Autor: Yuki,Kiop
Webseite | Email
Datum: 30.03.2015
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Dateigröße: 9.115 MB

9.00 bei 78 Bewertungen

Model built by Assetto Corsa,The Crew,Forza Horizon 2,Kiop.
Converted to SA by Yuki,Kiop.Paintjobs by Bayonet.
And thanks to the help from our teammates: Virus,Vicent,OMG,Kira,BNXOW.

Sorry for being late,but ultimately,the LaFerrari for GTASA with high qulity comes out.We have tried our best to make it into high quality.Hope you like it.

Author E-mails:
Yuki:[email protected]
Kiop:[email protected]

DFF Size:14.5M
TXD Size:7.43M

-Rebuilt boot & bonnet with high qulity,HQ engine from The Crew.
-Realistic door-open.
-The boot in the front can be opened as Door_LR.
-2 diffrent style of exterior(The mirrors & wheel-caps).
-Second color is for the rims.
-4 Paintjobs.
-Owned chassis_vlo.
-Working spoilers.
-Working steering,wiper,speedmeter,calipers.
-Work with IVF(Daytime running lights(as foglights),indicators,reverse light,brakelights.)
-Black material with nice reflection with ENB.

Known issues:
-No damaged parts 'cause of the large size of DFF.
-A small issue,you cannot see the boot through the rearlight-glass.
-Caution:Not frendly with low-set PC,and we will not accept any complaints about the size of DFF.

2015.03.31:Add another version of DFF,in this version, the boot in the front is an extra(Not openable).

P.S.All DFFs & TXDs are locked.Installing the car with GGMM may cause bug.Please don't edit or use on other purpose without permission.Repost politely is OK.

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Ferrari LaFerrari 2013 [HQ]
Ferrari LaFerrari 2013 [HQ] Ferrari LaFerrari 2013 [HQ] Ferrari LaFerrari 2013 [HQ]

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