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Willard 500

Autor: M4k3
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Datum: 12.09.2019
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Willard 500 from Grand Theft Auto IV
Converted to GTA SA and edited by M4k3

When Willard introduced this generation of model 500 in 1986 nobody took it seriously. The designers, who took the older model, shortened it a bit, took off the older 5.0L V8 and put smaller V6 instead and turned it into a FWD car, forgot to shorten the engine bay and, as a result, left too much free space. Though, this car was later recognized as a reliable and cheaper counterpart to bigger luxury sedans of that time. These days, this car is popular among loan sharks and other criminals due to the reliability and low price.

Replaces Willard by default.


  • Works with and without ImVehFt and VehFuncs. Replacing brake hubs texture is no longer required for non-ImVehFt users.
    IVF Features: improved dirt on wheels, body and windows (use SAMPGraphicRestore in SAMP), brake hubs, steering wheel, brake lights, fog lights, indicators, reverse lights.
  • Optimized model and textures.
  • Works in SAMP.
  • New custom numberplates - San Andreas plates with changeable text (just like default GTA SA plates).
    2 extra San Andreas plate variants and a Robada plate can spawn with VehFuncs installed.
  • Custom collision and flat shadow.
  • Custom handling, carcols, carmods, vehicles.ide settings can be found inside the settings txt file.
  • Can be used with SkyGFX, ENB Series, GFXHack or without them.
  • 2 car colors: 1 - car paint, 2 - car paint.
  • Uses scratches and shattered windows textures from vehicle.txd. GTA V styled scratch and shatter textures can be found inside Bonus folder.
  • Should be used with M4k3's New Car Animations mod.
  • Can be tuned in TransFender.
  • GTA SA styled reflections matching those of _F_ (Birdie).
    Brighter reflection texture (for windows, chrome, rims and lights) can be added in vehicle.txd from Bonus folder.

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Willard 500
Willard 500 Willard 500 Willard 500 Willard 500 Willard 500

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