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Speedtest 1.11

Autor: T-Mind
Datum: 29.11.2015
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Dateigröße: 1.145 MB

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!!! incoming bad english ;) :


update from 1.1 to 1.11
better screen resolution support
now you can record 40 seconds
you have maximal 60 seconds for a test



0 - 100 km/h
0 - 200 km/h
1/4 Meile
1/2 Meile
1 Meile

current time of race / taken time of race
distance in meters
current speed
max speed of the test
g-force *
engine - rounds per minute
acceleration curve ( current - white )
acceleration curve ( last one - gray )
chart of last runs: seconds, distance, v-max, g-force, speedtes, car
best time + car of the chart
( if the current run is bether it won't be taken ofer at same time, so you can check the difference )

now there is a folder with 5 txt files, in this files every race will be saved.
you can copy all and paste it to your excel program to sort it by your choise.

its not possible for me to calculate the KW/PS but i'm able to calculate the g-force
off the acceleration. So you can compare the strange of the vehicles.

on the screenshots you can see a minus g-force, if have an accident and fly out of the car
the g-force calculation stops :).

U: show / prepare for race / cancel
Z: choose the race type / stops the car too

if you want to change the top speed of cars in handling-files to a special value... look at:
there you find an excel-chart with the right values for the top speed of your choise.
to get other acceleration, play with the values that i pointed.

the speed data you see in my screenshots are not from the original game settings ;)


you need:



put the speedtest.dll and the speedtests-folder in the scripts folder where gta is installed.
( the mod will not run if the speedtests-folder is not in your Grand Theft Auto V\scripts folder )

if ther are some problems reload the scripts by pressing insert in game ;)

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Speedtest 1.11
Speedtest 1.11 Speedtest 1.11 Speedtest 1.11

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