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Action Bodyguards or Enemies V1.0

Autor: DSCADX | Email
Datum: 04.02.2019
Downloads: 8003 | Statistiken
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In this mod you can spawn unlimited* bodyguards or enemies than you can personalized healt, armor, resistence, weapons, range, acuracy, shooting type and more. ¡You can spawn very
resistant enemies that only want kill you! also your bodyguards can change their behavior for attack, stand and follow,
They can get in your vehicle and resist headshoots (if you want).

This is my first mod but, I think add more features and new functions in later versions.
I hope that this mod be liked. Enjoy it.

Mod Features:
-Spawn unlimited bodyguards/enemies
-Very configurable bodyguards
-Very configurable enemies
-You can set when headshot is activated
-Some orders for your bodyguards

Press T to open mod Menu, use create option for configure and spawn bodyguard or aggressor.
You can use orders to set the comportamiento of yours bodyguards.
Press E into a vehicle to order at bodyguards get in with you.

Extract the file .dll and move it into you "scripts" folder in the path where you have installed the game.
Example: C:/Program Files/Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/

Previus Requirements

*Really you can not spawn unlimited peds, it depends on your hardware; If you spawn excessive peds for you hardware your game will crashed.

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Action Bodyguards or Enemies V1.0
Action Bodyguards or Enemies V1.0 Action Bodyguards or Enemies V1.0 Action Bodyguards or Enemies V1.0 Action Bodyguards or Enemies V1.0 Action Bodyguards or Enemies V1.0

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