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Zolika1351's Trainer 15.0 REWRITTEN

Autor: RealZolika1351
Datum: 01.01.2020
Downloads: 50360 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 77.906 MB

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Remember that buggy and ugly mess that was my old trainer? I rewrote the entire thing (again), this time with a much more compact new design, mouse support and less FPS dependency.

Mouse controls (when Mouse Cursor is enabled)
Move cursor onto option to select, click to execute
Right click to go back
Scroll with scrollwheel or drag the slider at the right down
Drag the top of the menu to move it around

Keybinds (English layout)
Hold mouse wheel button to activate the HelixSnake-inspired fly mode. Control with WASDQE.
Car Speedup ]
Car Superbrake \
Move forward through door '
Unlimited Ammo ;
Never Wanted [
Toggle Collision =
Resurrect -
Always God Mode 0
Special God Mode RCTRL + F1
Drunk Ragdoll M + Num6
Simple Euphoria M + Num3
Simple Ragdoll M + Num4
Get Up M + Num5
Airbreak F6

Joining/Ghosts Display in MP
Edit weapons in real time
Edit any game settings with no limits (e.g. 10000 draw distance)
Edit HUD Color in real time
Edit Car Colors in real time
Disable MP "computer is running too slowly" autokick
Enable walking in MP
Enable SP Radar
Enable phone animations in MP
Enable Load, Save and Autosave options in the MP pause menu
Display current cash in MP

Fly with middle mouse (cars & on foot)

Teleport to other players
Teleport into players' cars
Teleport out of your car (e.g: in case of locked car doors)

Spawn any car (with input menu)
Spawn any ped (with input menu)
Change to any playermodel (with input menu)
Change walkstyle (with input menu)

Kick players
Copy other players' model
Spectate other players
Switch team
Force launch into game
Change gamemode (with 32 player support in coop)

Car Godmode
Cars Never Dirty
Random Car Color
Random Car Color from Carcols
Force Engine On
Warp into Saved Car
Drive as Passenger
Detach from Seat & Go Through Objects
f*ck Up Car
Set Dirt Level
Delete Car
Lock/Unlock Car Doors
Freeze Car
Copy Player's Car
Car Invisible
Rainbow Car Color
Set Car Extras
Set Car Colors
Set Car Colors from Carcols
Set Car Liveries
Car Turbo
Unlock Car Max Speed
Rainbow Car Color

Special God Mode (still get ragdolled from explosions but no damage)
Always God Mode
Health Loop (protects from killzone in MP)
Mobile Radio
Never Wanted
Unlimited Ammo
No Reload
Give Health
Give Armor
Increase/Decrease Wanted Level
Coordinates Display
Spot Music Track (with EFLC support)
Save Menu
Lock/Unlock Camera
Delete all Damaged Objects/Peds
Display FPS
Unlock Camera Pitch
Toggle planes in the airport

Cars Never Locked
Free Cutscenes & Camera (in-game cutscenes)
Drive on Water
Mirror Screen
Drive Task
Sit Down
LSD Mode
Walk in MP
Become Fidget Spinner
Disable Ragdoll
Slide Run
First Person Mode
Pause/Unpause Game (works in MP)
Play the SP story in MP
Traffic Density
Change Episode ID (pause menu look, HUD Color, APC & Explosive AA12 support)
Unlock Ragdoll Max Speed
Remove map depth limit (fall as far below the map as you want without respawning)

Protections against most malicious mods

MP Bowling (now with Boast option)

Free Camera with mouse & keyboard controls

Give Individual Weapons
Give Weapon Packs (2 packs for IV, 2 packs for TLAD and 2 packs for TBoGT weapons)

Change Clothes Model
Change Clothes Texture
Open MP Model Menu
Change to MP Model
Change Hats with alternate texture support
Change Glasses with alternate texture support

Set Time manually
Set Time from preset
Set Timescale
Change Weather
Freeze Time & Weather
Freeze Time Colors without changing shadows and the sun's position

Move the trainer's position and width
Toggle full mouse support
Toggle Keybinds
Toggle Middle Mouse Fly
Toggle Random Clothes (playermodel and ped spawning)
Change Airbreak, Slide run and Middle Mouse Speed

Load any .sco from your img files

Spawn any object (with input menu)
Edit spawned objects (position, pickable, dynamic, solid, damagable, heading, attach to self, attach to car, etc)
Delete all Spawned Objects

Play any animation (with input menu, can be set to loop)

Load any mission script

Say any ambient speech (with input menu)
Change player voice (with input menu)

Execute any native that has 0, 1 or 2 parameters
Menyoo-like Spooner menu (Experimental - Spooner) with free camera and ped, car and object spawning
Test GXT entries and display their value

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Zolika1351's Trainer 15.0 REWRITTEN
Zolika1351's Trainer 15.0 REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer 15.0 REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer 15.0 REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer 15.0 REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer 15.0 REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer 15.0 REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer 15.0 REWRITTEN

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