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Hi-Res Characters UPDATE v1.03 (UPscaled Mod)

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Datum: 20.03.2022
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This project aims to upscale and improve all textures of original story and other pedestrian models. At this point in time I have addressed 88 main characters of the GTA IV, went to touch up every corner of the original textures where it was necessary. It's still not perfect by all means but I will try to improve it more in the future.
For sneak peak to what this mod actually does go and watch my showcase video!

Thanks for downloading!


2022-03-22 -- v1.01 update

-- Fixed wrong in game suit texture of Ray Boccino in mission "Pest Control". Additionally in some rare cases it may caused to not load model properly in a second part of the mission. Thanks to @ElectroSparks!
(More info on that in rar. archive)

-- Altered texture size for some models to reduce probability for texture "popins" and lower individual file sizes. Thanks for tips to @orangebrains!

-- Swapped backpack texture for Niko, Packie, Derrick, and Phil (seen for example in a bank heist mission) with higher quality from GTA V.

2022-03-27 -- v1.02 update

-- Improved Anna's hair and nails textures.

-- Replaced Clarence hand texture with better quality one. He's very thankful for that btw.

-- Tweaked Dardan's and Dwayne's jackets to be less saturated.

-- Changed Kate's hand texture. Now it looks like a hand and not just skin color with some paint where nails should be..

-- Improved Darko's jacket quality which is placed after being shot multiple times by Niko. Also corrected some hair.

-- Desaturated Mr. Gravelli's hands a bit because he's old and sick. For me it seems more fitting this way.

-- Replaced original Eddie's in-game hands texture with one which actually fits his model. Rockstar you lazy bastard..

-- Got better gold watch for Derric from black market.

-- Better aligned Gracie's hand texture.

-- Tidied up Manny's shoes and his shorts.

-- Booked an appointment to nails saloon for Mallorie to spruce up. Now they are fantabulous.

-- Fixed Mickey's in-game model arms texture. Now he has fingers and nails which is.. well.. kinda useful.

-- Bought new Casio gold watch for Vinny. Said he's big fan of those.

-- Adjusted Playboy X girlfriend's hand texture to be more like her face color.

-- Resized & tweaked again every texture to improve stability and performance.

-- Additionally reduced overall size of the mod.

2022-04-03 -- v1.03 update (pretty much pants and shoes overhaul update)

-- Upscaled all Niko clothes.

-- Replaced Mallorie's leggings texture with higher quality from GTA V.

-- Replaced Packie's, Derrick's & Michael's pants textures (can be seen in the heist mission) with higher quality ones from GTA V aswell.

-- Bulgarin got new pants too. It was on a discount, 2 for 1 price so i thought why not to take it.

-- Charise had a shop fewer and bought herself new pear of jeans.

-- CIA guy and Anthony got more detailed ties.

-- Replaced pants texture and fixed wrongly put shoes of Ed the Mate.

-- Gracie also got herself some new more detailed jeans.

-- Replaced Kate's pants.

-- Swapped Playboy X girlfriend's pants texture for higher quality ones.

-- Changed Mel's pants too.

-- Sergei got more fitting and more detailed pants as to his status in life.

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Hi-Res Characters UPDATE v1.03 (UPscaled Mod)
Hi-Res Characters UPDATE v1.03 (UPscaled Mod) Hi-Res Characters UPDATE v1.03 (UPscaled Mod) Hi-Res Characters UPDATE v1.03 (UPscaled Mod) Hi-Res Characters UPDATE v1.03 (UPscaled Mod) Hi-Res Characters UPDATE v1.03 (UPscaled Mod) Hi-Res Characters UPDATE v1.03 (UPscaled Mod) Hi-Res Characters UPDATE v1.03 (UPscaled Mod)

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