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Rare Cars Savegame

Author: dhc
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Date: 05.07.2014 | 29331 Downloads
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50 rare cars save game, taken from story missions. All cars listed here:

** Description
BP = Bulletproof
FP = Fireproof
EP = Explosionproof
MP = Meleeproof
DP = Damage Proof
AP = All Proof

** Las Venturas
Rochshore West = AP Greenwood, AP Sentinel, Red Black BF-Injection
Whitewood Estates = BP Walton, AP Buffalo
Redsand Wests = AP Admiral, EP Admiral
Prickle Pine = AP Buffalo, AP Newsvan, AP Vortex, AP Glendale

** Desert/ Bone Country/ Red Country
Fort Cartson = AP Infernus, Berkley's RC Van, AP Sabre
Verdant Meadows = Black Bobcat, AP Maverick (2), AP Camper (The Mothership)
Hangar = Green Packer, AP Packer
Palomino Creek = AP Police Bike, BP/FP/EP/MP Elegy, BP/FP/EP/MP Fortune
Dilimore = AP Sadler, FP/EP/DP/MP BF-400

** San Fierro
Paradiso = Chrome Yellow Burrito, Brown Khaki Camper, AP Feltzer
Doherty = Black Stretch, EP Camper (The Mothership)
Hashbury = AP Merit, FP/EP/MP/DP Rancher, AP Firetruck II, FP/MP/DP Rumpo
Calton Heights = AP Boxville, Green Pizzaboy, AP Sentinel, AP FCR-900 w/ Red Rim

** Los Santos
Santa Maria Beach = EP Mule, FP/EP Black Perennial, AP PCJ-600
Ganton = BP/FP S.W.A.T
Mulholland = AP Sanchez, BP/FP Tahoma, FP Greenwood, AP Admiral
El Corona/ Verdant Bluffs = AP Tampa, BP/FP/EP Savanna, AP Sultan, BP Forklift

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Rare Cars Savegame
Rare Cars Savegame

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