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In The Beginning: Secret Go Kart

Author: TheJmsGamer | Email
Date: 25.09.2013
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So, soo, sooo, I have a new save game for you guys! The secret go kart! Where it is? hmm nope, i wont say, look in thepicture for a hint. So, if you really want the stats, there isn't ereally something special. Nothing changed.
Here you go:

0 out of 100 Tags collected.
0 out of 50 Snapshots taken.
0 out of 50 Horseshoes collected.
0 out of 50 Oysters collected.
0 out of 70 Stunt Jumps found.
0 out of 70 Stunt Jumps done.


No weapons.

56.9% Max Health. >(Minimum)<
20% Fat.
10% Stamina.
5% Muscle.
0% Lung capacity Off course.
0% Gambling.
0% Driving skill.
0% Biking skill.
0% Cycling skill.
0% Flying skill.

Denise progress: 15%
Michelle progress: 0%
Helena progress: 0%
Katie progress: 0%
Barbara progress: 0%
Millie progress: 20%

Poor -Pistol- Skill.
Poor -Silenced Pistol- Skill.
Poor -Desert Eagle- Skill.
Poor -Shotgun- Skill.
Poor -Sawn-off Shotgun- Skill.
Poor -Combat Shotgun- Skill.
Poor -Tech9- Skill.
Poor -Micro UZI- Skill.
Poor -SMG (MP5)- Skill.
Poor -AK47- Skill.
Poor -M4- Skill.

Gangwar NOT enabled.
Riots NOT enabled.
Drive-By enabled.

these help messages are disabled:
Stealing a car.

Clothes: (Clothes you where in begining.)

No vehicles in one of the garages.
0% Missions done.
Saved at 16:41.
Carl's position is looking north from the begin position from when you start a new game. (Jefferson)

If you don't know how to install it, well, pick one of the save games (There are numbers on the files, shouldn't be hard to pick) and extract it here: "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files"
Now launch the game and have fun!
If you find any bugs, or you have problems with finding it (Again, hint) then comment below! :D
NOTE: *The bicycle AND the Go kart, wont dissapear, never ever, on this save game NEVER!
Well, again , enjoy! You can always leave a suggestion below, or contact me via e-mail! i check e-mail evey 2 days! :D Again, Enjoy!

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In The Beginning: Secret Go Kart
In The Beginning: Secret Go Kart In The Beginning: Secret Go Kart In The Beginning: Secret Go Kart

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