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Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V2.5

Author: TommyLingL
Website | Email
Date: 09.02.2014 | 3260 Downloads
Filesize: 35.647 MB

9.76 based on 74 votes

Installation Procedure:
1. Unzip the downloaded file.
2. Copy all files and folders from the archive and paste them to your GTA SA root directory (Recommend GTA SA US v1.0 clean without other mods).
3. Run the Game and enjoy :D

Recommend GTA SA US v1.0 clean without other mods, steam version and v1.01 will not be working.

After about 5 month of silence, the version 2.5 is eventually aired! This is the biggest update ever! We have added plenty of new features to the TARDIS system and Sonic Screwdriver as well. You are thrilled for entirely brand-new detailed sonic screwdriver models, heaps of fun cool features of Sonic Screwdriver rather than just locking & unlocking! The awesomazing enhanced control for your TARDIS and so much more xD.

Please check the word doc located in your game directory after installation for much further information such as all features, credits, trouble shooters and so on :D
More details can be also seen in Game play Videos and screenshots

Hope you enjoy and, play it like a Time Lord ;)

Some other stuff:
If you intend to join us or share ideas or report bugs or have problems in anything,

Please post a thread in our mod page forum:

Or email Tommy:

Or just reply to our mod page.

And do remember, we are very welcome to hear you ;)

Also, the links to the android version of this Mod:

What's next? :D
In next update we are going to improve visual effects, K-9 system and there will be a new mode for Sonic Screwdriver as well. That’s it, no more spoilers for now :P

To predict our progress, best way is to like our facebook page ;)

Last edit by Tommy LU
Date: 20/6/2015

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Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V2.5
Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V2.5 Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V2.5 Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V2.5

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