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Cheat Menu Indonesia .fxt

Author: buddy | Email
Date: 25.12.2013 | 17962 Downloads
Filesize: 0.325 MB

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Cheat menu is great menu for cheating BUT thats not count for cheat time and have more cheat,so this is why i made this mod cause he made the version only for english, maybe muc people on my country can't translate some words in cheat menu so i made this one.maybe you can try this to learn some INDONESIAN language too :)

I know some people has made An indonesian language for GTA SA but it,s not so compactiable with real meaning (I check that all but only few that only wrong,but thats good mod by using islam{"islam" is INDONESIAN LANGUAGE}words when carl dead from mostly "WASTED" to "INALILAHI"),i will try to fix it,but i dont have a toll to mod a GXT for GTA SA so if anyone now just give comment to my mod wich toll is used to edit a GXT file in GTA SA,so i just edited .fxt file of cheat menu cause cheat menu had much words (if you know any .fxt and cleo mod that have much words tell me so i can translate it). BUT I NOT EDITED ALL OF THE WORDS.SUCH AS CAR NAME,MISSION NAME,MINIGAMES NAME,AND WEAPONS NAME.

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Cheat Menu Indonesia .fxt

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