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Army Base Expansion + 5 Missions Full Version

Author: spidermight
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Date: 03.12.2013
Downloads: 7863 (see statistics)
Filesize: 15.191 MB

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cleo3 and cleo4 supported.
This mod contains a new army base on the outskirts of Los Santos plus new outposts and terrorist base, You get to join the army and complete new missions for them
check the picture in the download for the army base location and missions
Mission 1:

Mission 2:

Mission 3:

Mission 4:

Mission 5:

All Missions:
v1.00 is the final version of this mod
The army base expansion mod is out of BETA version and now into v1.00 with mission 5 released and its all about metal gear solid

Install instructions in download

v1.00 features :

-Mission 5 lasts roughly 15-20 mins

-this mod now supports cleo3 and cleo4

-Mission 5 is called "A Nuclear Threat (METAL GEAR)

-mission 5 has a feature called "ALERT PHASE" from metal gear solid, this means when you get spotted by the enemy, you will hear the mgs1 alert phase music playing and you will see a red alert box in the top left corner of the screen, its the very same alert box from mgs1, when the enemy's are dead then the alert phase stops

-Mission 5 has stealth camo rocket launcher death traps you will have to evade when the alert phase is triggered at a certain point in the mission

-mission 5 will also have the song "infiltration" playing from mgs2 when your not in the alert phase and you eat rations to regain health, it also has the ration sound

-A big new terrorists base has been made for mission 5 and the terrorists have Metal Gear Rex & GEKKO !

-CJ now changes into his army clothes when starting missions 1, 2, 3 & 5

-Mission 3 has been updated, improving it alot

-small wooden fences now updated to bigger metal fences at the outposts

-fixes and improvements have been applied to lots of files

-You can shoot helpless terrorists that are lined up to be executed at the army base,

v1.00 is the current version
there are 4 outposts in the Los Santos countryside along with the main army base
5 missions have been released, they are called "JOINING THE ARMY" , "SUPPLY TRUCKER" , "DEFEND THE OUTPOSTS" , "DECEPTION IS THE KEY" and "A NUCLEAR THREAT (METAL GEAR)"
I hope you enjoy them all

"The Making Of Mission 5" contains pictures and the idea/story script of mission 5, download at this link :

credits :
ranger army model by : Michael_Corleone
exoskeleton model by TheLozza
specnaz model by : TheLozza
metal gear rex by Ryosuke839
gekko model by Pinky
cleo scripts and mapping by SpiderMight

Thank you all for giving me permission to use these models :)

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Army Base Expansion + 5 Missions Full Version
Army Base Expansion + 5 Missions Full Version Army Base Expansion + 5 Missions Full Version Army Base Expansion + 5 Missions Full Version

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