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Black Hawk Passenger 2

Author: jojo2971 | Email
Date: 25.07.2013 | 7570 Downloads
Filesize: 2.729 MB

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installation: .. you just copy the file "black hawk 2 v1" or the file "black hawk 2 v2" and paste it into the folder "cleo" in gta san andreas.

-to appear the soldiers and you placing on one of Miniguns must enter the sparrow and press "1 NUM" (minigun left of hélicot) or "2 NUM" (minigun right of hélicot) once or twice.

-to down hélicot of deploy units and you must press "R"

-to disappear the soldiers must press "T" after déploier units.

-to move helicot use the marker of the map.

To install MH6 img tool and craft crafting your file gtASA / model and craft with gta3 img tool, and replace sparrow.dff sparrow.txd made ??and rebuild the archive and play.

there are two files, one with the soldiers "v1" and one without soldiers "v2".

The model of black hawk is included in the mod.

Sorry for my bad english.


To adjust the speed continuously press on the buttons from 1 to 0 on the keyboard (ex: 1 = speed 0, 2 = speed 10 ... 0 = speed 90)
The speeds range from 0 to 90 km/h, if you let go of the button, hélicot resume normal speed.

The keys can be some lag, so hold the button for that the event snaps (ex : if I press 1 NUM [desktop version] or [laptop version] I must press on the button until the event that triggers (player use minigun with left of helicot)).

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Black Hawk Passenger 2
Black Hawk Passenger 2 Black Hawk Passenger 2 Black Hawk Passenger 2

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