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OJs Siren Change 1.0

Author: OJdoesIt
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Date: 25.07.2012 | 7656 Downloads
Filesize: 2.127 MB

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Mod: OJ's Emergency Vehicles Siren Change
Version: 1.0
Creator: OJdoesIt
Date Released: 7/25/2012

This mod allows you to use a different siren for the different emergency vehicles in San Andreas.
For example, the ambulance can use a Federal Unitrol Touchmaster siren, while the police cars can use the Federal Smart Siren.

Put OJsSirenChange.cs & OJsSirenChange folder in the CLEO directory.
Take a look at the .ini file in the OJsSirenChange folder to configure the settings to your likings.
You may replace sound_011 & sound_012 in GENRL\bank_068 with the sound_011 & sound_012 provided in this archive to disable the
default in-game sirens for a better gameplay experience. Or you can replace the default in-game sirens with any other siren of
your choice so you can have a double siren or dual wail siren.

How To Use:
Simply go in the game, and drive any of the emergency vehicles and turn their siren on like normal.

Note: Sometimes the siren doesn't play when you first activate the mod. To fix, simply turn the siren off, then back on again.

If you would like to host this mod on your site or upload to any other GTA site or file-sharing site, message me on
or YouTube so I can approve it.

Copyright © 2012 OJdoesIt/HeresOtis

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