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Wild Upgraded Your Cars v2.0.0

Author: YourCreatedHell
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Date: 13.06.2012 | 12616 Downloads
Filesize: 26.468 MB

5.46 based on 173 votes

Continuation of the famous series of modifications of Wild Upgraded Your Cars to replace most of the parts in GTA San Andreas. In the second version, a host of upgrades for the better, so you can forget about the first series of this project.

The constituent elements of additions:
- 1) Customize HQ Wheels by YourCreatedHell - Need for Speed Shift Style, Pack #1
- 2) LQ Wheels - NFS Shift Series, pack #1
- 3) New HQ NOS
- 4) Пакет HQ спойлеров Need For Speed Most Wanted
- 5) Wild Upgraded Your Cars: Hoods, Lights, Roofs and Vents - pack #1
- 6) New Original Exhausts v1.0.1
- 7) YourCreatedHell’s HQLM
- 8) GTA IV Scratches Style и Need For Speed Shift 2 Scratches Style
- 9) Test Drive Unlimited Colors Style (TDU Colors Style).
- 10) more for TDU Colors Style
- 11) FIA GT Legends pack #1 (cars pack)

This mod exclusive only for vol-gta community's, not spread to other sites prior to the expiration date of 15/06/12

Before installation, carefully read the contents of text documents. Language of text documents in Russian and English.

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Wild Upgraded Your Cars v2.0.0

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