Declasse Premier 1992

Author: M4k3, Rockstar Games
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Date: 22.08.2016 | 4316 Downloads
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Declasse Premier 1992 converted from Max Payne 3 and edited to GTA San Andreas by M4k3.
Original model and textures: Rockstar Games.

Replaces Premier by default.

  • Custom collision, flat shadow and LOD.

  • Custom settings.

  • SAMP friendly (no sinking wheels, doesn't crash when tuned).

  • GTA SA numberplates. Custom numberplate can be installed with paintjobs.

  • Supports paintjobs with transparency (alpha channel).

  • Realistic damages and materials.

  • Supports ImVehFt (indicators, brake lights, reverse lights, fog lights, head lights and tail lights).

  • Has petrol cap.

  • Textures with mip-mapping.

  • Tunable in TransFender.

ImVehFt version features:
  • Requires ImVehFt 2.1.1 (the lights + brake hubs and custom colors).

  • Custom reflections (GFX Hack is required).

  • 3 car colors support (primary - body paint, secondary - unused, tertiary - wheels, quaternary - windows tint).

SA styled version features:
  • GTA SA styled reflections, scratches and lights.

  • 1 car color support.

Declasse Premier 1992 Declasse Premier 1992 Declasse Premier 1992 Declasse Premier 1992 Declasse Premier 1992 Declasse Premier 1992
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