All Legends Of Silver Arrow #1

Author: YourCreatedHell
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Date: 20.11.2012
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The first release of this project is devoted to varieties of cars Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and Mercedes-Benz CLK LM.

The constituent elements of additions:
- Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Race Car
- Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR road version stock
- Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR road version with Carbon Spoiler
- Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR road version with Tuning Bumper
- Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR road version with Carbon Spoiler and Tuning Bumper
- Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster
- Mercedes-Benz CLK LM Race Car
- Mercedes-Benz CLK LM road version stock

Special Feature:
- 100% of fixed geometry car
- 4 official vinyl for paint jobs
- 6 extras
- Highly detailed body
- Fine-grained material "carbon fiber fiber" (carbon)
- Fine-grained material is a "grid"
- Highly detailed cockpit materials
- Highly detailed exhaust pipes
- Highly detailed textures materials
- Highly detailed headlights
- Replaces the Turismo (strongly recommended) or to replace any other, but only a 2-door vehicle.
- High-quality cockpit
- Modification of a1 and a2
- A great combination with the plugin model enb series
- Painting jobs
- The presence of the brake discs and calipers
- The presence of chrome and shine
- Nonvanishing glass at night (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Damage (only with GTA IV Scratches Style)
- Post optimization of materials and geometry of the model
- Working dimensions (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Working signals reverse (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Workers stop signal (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Working brake pads (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Working turn signals (Improved Vehicle Features)
- A working display at night (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Working steering (active dashboard v3)
- Working on a windshield wiper (active dashboard v3)
- Working level of gasoline gauge indicator (active dashboard v3)
- Working speedometer (active dashboard v3)
- Working tachometer needle (active dashboard v3)
- His own shadow and collision
- Own car optics (Improved Vehicle Features)
- Compatibility with the Wild Upgraded Your Cars Series (strictly recommended to use only the package of spare parts!)
- Brake discs and rubber profile Wild Upgraded Your Cars v2

Alexey (GTAmodeler) - provide resources to create paint jobs, help with the addition of Improved Vehicle Features, discuss ideas, moral support and invaluable assistance.
Magnum - a discussion of ideas, moral support
Pav3l - help with baking textures
1strelok14 - moral support
DEZ - moral support
LeX_91 - moral support
mad-dog666 - moral support
k1real24 - moral support
The___Nameless ( - moral support
VIC_KNIGHT - moral support
Лимончег - moral support
DK22Pac – for addons Improved Vehicle Features
Izerli - for script "Active dashboard v3"

Information of installation you can find in Read Me (ENG).txt

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All Legends Of Silver Arrow #1

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