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2011 Ford Transit SWB

Author: Forza 4,IZ SKINS
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Date: 29.05.2012 | 17684 Downloads
Filesize: 4.622 MB

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Hello friends
i bringing you first in sa for download the great
ford transit from forza motosport 4
it is my first convet from forza 4 :).

This model Features:
High quality extrior and interior model
Forza 4 high quality textures for interior model some was take from s_lod models.
Realistec scale (I scaled it abou 5% because it look smaller winhout scaling it )
Hqlm 2.0 Lights
Interior lights (all of the buttuns,gauges,disply light up in green like the real transit)
Real Handling
Real car cols (taken from ford transit uk site)
Realistec damage model with 2 air bags,and all glass can be break include lights.
3 extras (taken from gta iv)

Well that is all friends i hope you like it
it was convertd to sa very fast (2 days)
it dosent have a detailed engine of bumper frams but i will probaly do a v2 with 3d engine and bumper frams and stuff in the future.

Enjoy my mod and be a ford transit delivery guy xd.
Xdweb Members for support
SHAKE- Pics,friendship and support.
Liviu95- Support and friendship.
Vlad94- Beta testing and screens shots.
LiNgUrItZa- beta testing,friendship and support

made in isreal

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2011 Ford Transit SWB

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