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2007 Chevrolet Savana 3500 Cargo Van

Author: IZ_SKINS,evermotion
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Date: 16.05.2012 | 22219 Downloads
Filesize: 8.422 MB

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Hello friends
I bring you here first in sa the 2007 chevrolet savnna 3500 cargo van .

Extrior and interior model was made by evermotion .
some parts and textures are from 4x4 hummer and gta iv.

The model convert ,edited and fully textured by IZ SKINS.

This model features:
High quality textures
High polys and very detailed interior & extrior model
Full Working susspinion model
Full Sa Lights include dash lights (Need HQLM 2.0 or IVQLM 2.2, what every you like)
1 extra
Full damage model with air bags and damage glass to windshiled and lights. (bumpers,doors,wings,bonnet)

Thanks to
SHAKE for making the beautifuel picture.

If you want to edited my model in any way you welcome just please inform me via e mail and title my name. i will be happy to see more versions just please inform me that you making one first .

You can also publish it where ever you wanted just dont modifey the archive and dont forget to title author.

Made in isreal

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2007 Chevrolet Savana 3500 Cargo Van

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