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GTA4: One more GTA IV preview
22.03.2008, 14:52
Author: Alex

The newest issue of the "PLAY" magazine includes an eight pages preview of GTA IV. The article takes a closer look to the multiplayer mode and we could find these facts:

  • The Game contains many modes, and only a few can support the maximum of 16 players.
  • The editors of the magazine noticed a pedestrian spraying graffiti on a shop. There will be lots of moments like that.
  • Time of day, vehicle classes, traffic, weapon types, where the match is located, the weather type and the density of policemen are options that the administrator can choose.
  • You can customize your online character. Sunglasses, hats, tops, trousers and more can be unlocked. Play more to unlock more.
  • As we had previously heard, multiplayer can be started from your phone during single player action. You can select the 'Multiplayer' option, then game types and then invite your friends.

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